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About Bruce Consulting and Coaching


At Bruce Consulting and Coaching

It’s your business, your success and your wellbeing that matters first and last.

As I have said many times before, during my 35 years in business, from the shop floor to the boardroom, I wished so often that I had some-one whom was there for me, who listened, challenged and cared about me and my success was their only reason for being in my business, being there, without judgement or favour, to be with me at my pace and with me on my journey.

Your Executive Business Coach is a partner not a stakeholder in you and your success, not your business. No stakeholder can be unbiased as they have a stake in the success or not of your  business. 


Curiosity to explore, raising your awareness and not here to tell you how to run your Business is the role of your coach, because, only you know what will work in your business, although you might not have realised that yet!   

Shining a torch at those areas that we have not explored, where assumptions that we have made and accepted in our thinking is opened up, unpacked and reviewed for validity.

Are you working On your Business or In your Business and at levels that are appropriate for the stage in your business cycle? Are you on a journey or looking towards the Exit…finding the route to both is key to making that your reality? 

Raising Awareness

Seeing other Angles, Examining Assumptions, looking at the McKinsey 7s in your business.  Does everything in your business align to your strategy?  Do you have a strategy? Is your business plan in the safe,  with the Bank or a dog eared working document that drives your business along the road to your destination? 

Seneig tinghs

as tehy rlaely are, dsoveiry is esay wehn yuo konw wahts hpepannig.   The mind is very clever and it know what it means. Sometimes we need to stop worrying about details and see the whole picture! Or sometimes we need to worry about the details and stop just seeing the blue sky!

Enhancing the collaboration of your team, removing most internal conflict and understanding the core strengths of your team will be a cornerstone to your future success.  With insight and clarity of working on your business, meaning working in it will be appropriate and productive.

Who I have worked for:

Store & Duty Management: B&Q, House of Fraser, Independent Jewellery Manufacturer & Retailer, World Duty Free (Heathrow)

Operations and Logistics: Hackett London UK & EU, Penhaligons London UK EU USA

Business Development: Hackett London Spain.

Directorships: Richemont Pension Scheme Trustee Director, Penhaligons Global Sales Director, VC and Private Aquisitions.


Rugged & Tough: Retail and Ecommerce Click and Brick Operation: UK, EU, North America, Australasia. 

Retail Back Office Systems: Retail Software Business


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