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For all our services, a testimonial not only give us confidence that the services provided are meeting out clients expectations, it also give you as a potential client confidence that you can expect a similar result your self. So whichever service you are looking for Executive Coaching Services,  Small business support services,  Accredited DISC profiling Practitioners, Small business mentoring program  and our Executive coaching Services or others we would request a testimonial from you too


SME Owner

When I first started sessions with Andrew I was struggling with clarity, of mind as well as vision of what I wanted and where I wanted to be.


We worked on a number of areas in different parts of life, from simple time management to mindset but always creating space so that I could slow things down and put some structure to my thinking that made it logical, helped separate fact from fiction as well as raise my awareness around new perspectives I hadn’t considered.


Andrews active listening and excellent use of feeding back what I said, blew me away on many occasions as to things id said without realising, as well as appropriately challenging me, where perhaps I wasn’t stretching myself as much as I could.


Our sessions flowed and were very conversational, to the point I often forgot I was even being coached, but always had a robust action plan to move forward with.


The growth I’ve experienced from working together has helped me take my business and personal life to the next level, which would not have been possible in such a short time period otherwise.


SME Business Owner

I had 5 coaching sessions with Andrew and he is nothing short of an incredible coach. He has a very approachable style using deep and powerful coaching questionning techniques.

During the 5 sessions I have been able to re-focus much of my personal and career life including confidence, decisions around career and moving away from unhealth habits that do not serve me.

Andrew has the ability to enable you to see the obvious, without being obvious. Following every session I came away feeling confident and energised with focus towards the overall goal I have been focussing on.i

Andrew’s technique is one that many never achieve as coaches.


I have since recommended him as a coach to several friends and aquaintances with confidence that he will be able to support even the most challenging coachees.

I thank Andrew for the support he has given me over the last few months. The difference that this has made has been life changing.


SME Stage 1 Early Years  Start-up

I have found the coaching to be really helpful and Andrew’s empathy and patience has been super

It was an actual god send to give myself a couple of hours where I could be selfish and discuss the business with no interruptions and allow some head space for me to start to break down what I needed to do to move forward and enable me to work out a plan step by step

This really help me put some much-needed procedures in place and also feel less overwhelmed which is where I was heading

I feel a lot more confident and in control and more excited about the business future.

I cannot thank Andrew enough.


SME Stage 0 Pre-Start-up

Andrew’s professionalism and calming style allowed me to instantly feel at ease. Andrew with his creative and spot on questions dug deep into hidden strength that I wasn`t aware of. Andrew with his questioning empowered me to be more realistic with my goals and open my eyes to things that I couldn`t imagine doing before, primarily having my own business. Andrew, in a very methodical manner broke down my 5 year dream of having a business into a more realistic and achievable goals. In the session he used lots of visualisation techniques which made me come closer to my goal.

Andrew made me aware of the gap between my goal and what was going on around me, the external circumstances. He empowered me to have the vision of what was missing in between my goal and reality and put the puzzle together.

Each session had several significant light bulb momments to take away and implement.  One of many highlights of the sessions was when Andrew brought up to my attention my personality type and realised why I was losing motivation about something that is my passion.We have been working together for a while now and we have built a positive and trusting professional relationship.

I would highly recommend Andrew and I will certainly be keeping in contact going forward.


IT Product Launch

I had 7 coaching sessions with Andrew. He is very approachable and has skills in business coaching that enabled me as a client to really look at myself and my business with a new perspective

During the 7 sessions I have been able to focus on key areas in lauching a new product to market with tight deadlines. The target date I had was for January 2020 and with Andrews support and coaching, I got the product to market and won our first customer for this new product, amazing result

Completing the DISC report and going through it page by page was such a revelation and eyeopener, which  gave me real insight into my own business style which gives me more confidence as I now know that this is part of being me.

Andrew’s technique is always having tools such as the extended SWOT analysis took a nice to know and made it an action plan with take-aways

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