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Mentoring helps you fine tune your skills to accelerate performance.

The 5 Stages of a Business

Stage 0: Pre Launch

Stage 1: Early Start up  years 1-3

Stage 2: Maturing to year 12

Stage 3: Mature Years 13 plus

Stage 4: Exit or Cease Trading

Stage 0 Mentoring

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When you have a great idea for a business and have made the decision to make it a realty can be daunting and may for many be a barrier to great to overcome!  Mentoring in Stage Zero gives you all the support and helps provide knoweldge that you do not have, which you need to help make this barrier a stepping stone, not a wall

As this stage of pre-launch is perhaps the most worrying for the entrepeneur as they have a great idea, but not necessarily all the skills or knowledge to get their business launched.  Stage 0 Mentoring is an absolute must to help give your business the best pre-launch as possible.

Knowing what you know and what you don't and how to fill those gaps in the core purpose of this package.  It is the only pre made package we do as once the business is launched the pack created during this program will be used throughout the stages as working documents to refer back to and to review.

With over 30 years experience in business from shop floor to boardroom and having started 3 businesses we have been there too!

What is in the box in the Stage Zero Mentoring?

6 hours of 1-2-1 mentoring with additional "homework" for you.  We will work on one section during a session:

  1. Business Vision: - Mission and Proposition.  Knowing What, Why and for Whom?

  2. Business Plan: - A business plan is not just for the bank, but a living document that you will work to and refer too throughout the life of your business

  3. Disc Profile: - Your Communication style, preferences and development areas

  4. Business Essentials: - Legal Status, Funding, Accounting Solutions and route to Market

  5. SWOT analysis : - Full with outputs

  6. PESTLE analyis with outputs

With this program in place, the next step will be launching the business

Stage 1/2/3 Mentoring

So your business is now trading and your working fully on or in  your business.  Mentoring during these stages will focus on your business needs and therefore will bring in the tools above if they are not in place and where appropriate.  Other tools are available now your trading to look at day to day trading and aspects of this.

Coaching can be of great use is during these stages to work with you on your longer term goals personally and professionally.   Having our own coach at this stage will raise awareness and be your own private listening board, who will be there for you and your sounding board and will be able to challenge and stretch your thinking with you. 


                                                                                     We have a mentor / coach too and it is an invaluable support to us in running our business.

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