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How to take Positive Steps Post Redundancy

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Hearing the word from a line manager, "I am so sorry to have to tell you that your role is being made redundant" can be like a thump in the stomach, wrenching and agonising.

As the words start to sink in and to be understood, we start to reframe them with our own perception. I have heard so often "I am being made redundant" and then the story about the impact that has had on the client can be quite traumatic.

I hear people saying it is the best thing that ever happened, I also hear it was the worst. The difference tended to be how positive they were: - How much time at the start of process was spent on understanding where they were financially and in addition, what real options where available, leading too how they could make some profound changes in their lives to make dreams a reality.

Making Dreams A Reality

If this is your first experience of your role being made redundant, or your second or third, yes people in certain industries that are susceptible to economic swings, can find themselves going through this quite a few times, then the most important thing to do first is to take a deep breath and remember it is not you that is redundant, it was your job.

Some clients say the job they did was not something that was planned as part of a career framework. It was a job, paid Ok money or ticked a box at the time. They did it, perhaps loved it, perhaps hated it. Had they had their time over, would they have chosen that job out of all the other options that are out there? Likely as not No!

Why Wording Matters?

You may think, like an HR manager who was attending an online meeting that I also attended, that it is only words, how they are said does not change the outcome! It can and does change the outcome for many individuals when faced with this situation.

Remembering when we talk to children, you may recall at some point, saying to them, do not touch it, it's hot! Immediately they touch it! This is because the subconscious mind cannot process negative versus positive phrases. So, when you tell yourself you are redundant, this means that you as a person are redundant and therefore this impacts on your outlook!

So, by reframing the situation about what happened in the following two statements changes dramatically the way your will feel about it

1. “I am an experienced, skilled and competent person. Due to the change in customer demand within the company, there was no demand for the services that I was providing


2. I was made redundant!

Reframe to Accentuate the Positive

Now we are in the right FRAME of mind, we can look at the situation with a more upbeat perspective.

By changing how this situation is talked about or thought about, will have a direct impact on our wellbeing. Something you can try for yourself.

Read to sentences 1 and 2 out load and as you do so, notice how you feel, what you see or what you hear when you do so?

1. “I am an experienced, skilled and competent person. Due to the change in customer demand within the company, there was no demand for the services that I was providing, which now gives me an opportunity to refocus my life on what I really want to do in the future

2. I was made redundant and I have not idea where to start to find another job, when so many people just like me are in the same dreadful position

You will likely have a positive experience reading 1 and a negative experience reading 2

Why all this Matters?

As you now start to explore new opportunities, it is key to your future well-being, to have a positive frame of mind and to also to bring to your consciousness that you are experienced, skilled as a competent provider.

Now you have this positive focus, you can start to work through your next steps. At this point in time, it is important to review your current situation to assess the reality of the situation such as finances, timescales with a positive frame of mind and a clear head.

Future Planning

For some, returning to paid employment is a priority and therefore it is important to have that positive review as soon as possible to know where you are and what your next steps are:

A few thoughts which clients have raised during these situations:

Finances: Know exactly where you are and what you need each month. Not forgetting to deduct stuff you will no longer need to buy, Travel, Lunches and stuff you can live without, that TV subscription for a service you never watch, meals out because you never had time to cook.

Career Change: This is an option to review your career to date. Think about where you may want to work or perhaps a career change. I have heard so many clients saying that this is impossible, and when you unpack as a coach with them all the reasons, there is often thoughts or beliefs that are the barriers to this change.

Be Open Minded:Examine every idea and look at it, focus in on what it may reveal, create and work through them and see what needs to change, remain or be removed to allow you to move forward clearly with a renewed sense of clear vision

A Lake between two mountains, it is out of focus. In the centre of the image a hand is holding up a camera lens, through the lens the picture beyond is cystal clear.
From Fuzzy to Clear

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