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Presenting Solutions or Selling Solutions Which Works?

Updated: May 21, 2020

It never ceases to amaze me that some businesses are still selling their solutions!

When senior managers are confused about which their customers buy, features or benefits then it is no surprise that when it comes to their teams at the front end, they also think they have to sell their wares too!

The confusion around selling starts when we really do not understand how our customers needs and wants can be fulfilled. Therefore the start the Selling process of trying to persuade (selling) the buyer that our product is the best and full of great features. When you have to persuade some-one then your on a sticky wicket already. As we all have been victims of bad sales techniques, it puts us at great unease even venturing out to hunt our latest aquisition.

We have two ears, two eyes and one mouth and they should be used in that ratio. All to often we as consumer are pounced on and talked at when visiting a "Customer Focused" retailer. The sales team feel that they have to either totally ignore you or talk at you.

The process of making a sale is a simple one. I need something, you may have it and therefore there is a good chance of a purchase by me and a sale to you. Sounds really easy. There are two distinctive types of purchasers, so we are going to focus on what we tend to experience on a day to day basis, the consumer durable purchaser.

When you have been in sales and operations for as long as I have, you have experienced most things.

The adage that I have used in many circumstances applies here too "Seek First to Understand before seeking to be understood.

There are no difficult questions when seeking to understand. When you put your EGO in the bin and really focus on their needs and exploring what products you have that meet their needs your 99% done.

Some Quick Tips:

  • The Team need to ensure that their honoured visitors does not feel like Prey or even worse, invisible!

  • Make sure the team know their products inside outside and sideways

  • Those interating with your business should be treated like a guest at a party in your own home! Make sure you and your teams make your guest feel welcome and wanted. have the right food, the right drink and the right music and they will love and "follow" you for ever. Ignore them.give them food they don't like, drink they don't want, Music that hate and you will find they will never accept another invite again and tell their friends too!

Backless Wooden Shelfs in a Retail Store with Interesting Bottles, Books and Pictures for sale
Variety Store

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