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Solve Problems with a New Perspective

It is really easy to say, It's not always easy to do?

When we are faced with a challenge, we tend to always look at it from our own point of view and very rarely change the perspective or the turn it inside out. When we do, we often find the solution to a problem we are working on.

A good example of this is "Reframing", turning a situation totally around to gain new understanding about how we believe it to be!

Take a situation around procrastination. Trying to get something done and not doing it. You feel that you are just not tackling it and feeling anxious about this.

Try a reframe: Ask yourself, "What is the benefit that I am getting from procrastinating on this matter?" Any wait....the answer will more than likely pop into you head. When you know the benefit, you can then tackle this first and then the procrastination will cease to exist.

It works even more so when you are working with your Coach or NLP practitioner on these matters as the insights you gain from not having to think about the reframing are very powerful indeed.

The scene is quite white in colour, with White walls, a white shelf and a white empty picture frame.  The Picture frame is being held up as if to Frame an plant in the corner of the image
Reframing the Situation

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