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Why Not Knowing Where To Start, Stops Progress!

We all can put off starting a project or task because we need to think it through properly. Sometimes though, putting off is a way to avoid something going on in your head.

To work through those blocking thoughts, it is important to focus on what it is that is stopping you and work through each objection or fear to see how justified it really is.

One of the main reasons we never focus on these thoughts is that we don't often allow ourselves to even think out them as the feelings that the initial thought about the task blocks any further thoughts, so in effect you shut the door on the "what if I did?" and "what would that mean" and "is that really true" questions.

When your focus on the true cause of your procrastination or "putting off" you will often find the fears are unfounded, or that the outcome is unlikely and that in reality it was not as bad as you thought it would be.

Often you can do this for yourself, however if you find that you cannot work through it, that a NLP practitioner coach will be able to help you work through it and get the best solution for you. Remember coaching is about future focus, not past problems.

Drop me a line if you have anything that you are putting off but really shouldn't, would love to hear more.

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