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Working From Home Series: Why We are all Different and We Need Different Support!

Updated: May 21, 2020

Bringing it all together:

We all have a preference for the way we like to give and recieve information. This is our "Communication Style", A couple of great example of this is some of us prefer another family member to work through the instruction manual of a new gadget and then show us how it works, or example two, we will ignore the manual and try to intuitively work out how it works.

Reds - Dominant

Yellows: Influence

Greens: Steadiness

Blue: Compliant

Each of the 4 styles are needed to create balance in an organisation. They do not need to be present in every team and indeed it can be a negative experience for all if a communication preference style is in the wrong job, as the environment can be opposite to their own natural style.

An example of this would be where a job role requires compliance checkings and detailed accurate work to tight deadlines. For the :

Red Style, they don't like routine.

Yellows, not great on the detail

Greens: not good at prioritisation

Blues: A perfect match!

These are pure styles, in reality our teams will be a blend of more than one style, so Red/Green Yellow/Red Green/Yellow Blue/Red

These blends bring strengths from both styles, and also the possible weaknesses too, so understanding yourself and your teams styles are important for many reasons, some examples are

  • Internal / External Collaboration

  • Reduced Internal Conflict

  • Employee Job Satisfaction

  • Productivity

  • Sales Performance

  • Customer Engagement

  • Comminication Skills

Our commincation styles will change depending on many factors, but in general in a job role they may be set from the start and will remain throughout.

It is import that the Business Owner, SME Manager, or CEO knows how their team members and teams are communicating internally and externally because only be knowing that each interaction with internal or external customers can be a great experiece, an OK experience or a negative experience.

In future posts, we will cover of why this is so important to your business and by not knowing how your team communicates can have serious implications for your business.

A Modern Opem Plan Loft Style Office. People are working on Computers and in the foreground a meeting is taking place at one of the open plan desks.there are three men talking to each other. Two of the men are wearign Shorts and the 3rd mais dressed in a Short Sleeve Shirt and Chinos
Mentoring Team Meeting

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