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Working From Home Series, Learn about your Fiery Red Dominant Colleague

Updated: May 21, 2020

Over the last few days, we have seen quite a few blogs around coping strategies when working from home. In our view, the fundamental key to making this work for all of us, it is through raising your own awareness and those around you of all your communication preferences. Meaning how you like to communicate and how you like to be communicated to.

We have taken a breif look at our Sunshine Yellow and Blue Colleagues. Today it's the turn of our Fiery Red / Dominant Colleagues.

You will recognise your Fiery Red colleagues by what they do and how they do it, like the others. They will be direct, decisive, and will tend to be very self motivated. Outgoing and problem solver, they rarely will come to a meeting stuck for a solution. Emails will be bullet points, with facts and actions. You will tend to fine they will be ontime for meetings, will be very impatient for them to finish and will be challenging the status quo.

They bring like the the others, huge value to the organisation, often by being the boss or wanting to be the boss!

Some of the challenges they will face when working from home will be around routine. Fiery Reds are not great with routine and will struggle with being in one place. They cannot easily sit still for long, so will need to adapt the working day into bite sized peices, so they don't run out of steam on one task and moves onto another, and another and another...

Emails will be as mentioned will be bullet points and many need following up by the recipients to check detail, as detail will not be there! This will be a challenge or the Blues as they want chapter and verse, remember in their post what, when and why?

Fiery Reds have a great fear of being taken advantage of, so will not delegate key areas of trust and will be challenged by thoughts that all their colleagues are watching netflix and not getting on with the working at home! This manifests itself also as not letting go, not feeling they can trust those to do the job to the level needed. This needs to be worked on and put in perspective. As a Fiery Red, recognising this innate worry, defuses it!

In our next post, we will look at the Greens, Our Steady Colleagues..Then we will put it all together.

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