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Working From Home Series, Learn about your Sunshine Yellow Influencer Colleagues

Updated: May 21, 2020

Sunshine Yellows / Influencers:-

For those colleagues who are have an outgoing people focused disposition, being locked away at home working / or self isolating, can be quite a negative experience because of the lack of social interaction and boring bland greyness when you love Sunny Brightness and Happiness In times like these when this is forced upon us, there is no choice in not staying at home, however you can with this new raised awareness make some key changes in your day to day new routine.

A lady reclying on the sofa with a laptop on her knees. She looks like she is working from home.  She is wearing a bretton shirt and you can see her watch on her left wrist.  The sofa looks very soft in a pale grey  covering

Fun: Sunshine Yellows / Influencers tend to love fun and making things fun, so at home, make your environment fun and plan your tasks with fun ellements. Socialising: Being very socialable, it is important that you make time during your day for external social interaction, with a phonecall or social media, or skype, zoom, chat.

A very normal fear of this group of people may be the feelings of: Isolation, not being able to interact, being ignored and losing social influence. these fears can be combated easily, by recognising that its OK for be a bit concerned about these, but there is nothing to overly worry about as with most worries, 97% never happen and the 3% that do, are far less impactful that originally worried about One final thing so say about our Sunshine Yellow Colleagues is that they can be a tad disorganised, so it helps to make a timetable, routine task sheet and make sure it's stuck too!!! Spring has Sprung and Summers on its way...loads to look forward too. #sunshine #yellow #bright #happy #isolation #selfisolation #workingfromhome

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