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Working From Home Series, Learn about your Blue Compliant Colleague

Updated: May 21, 2020

Blue / Compliant

In part 2 we talked about our Sunshine Yellow Colleagues, who are chatty, fun, bubbly and perhaps a little disorganised...

Their Blue Compliant Colleagues are Diametrically Opposite of their Yellow Sunshine Colleagues. These crucial "Blue / Compliant" members of the team are really important to ensuring good governance and compliance to the rules and regulations, because they are naturally focused on being correct and accurate. Ambiguity is not a friend of our Blues.

You may already be recongising someone in your team who may fit this bill. Blues will be more reserved and not that chatty, small talk is not their favourite passtime. They bring powerful skills to the team: - Accurate; analytical. Conscientious; careful. Fact-finder; precise. High standards; systematic.

When communicating to a Blue, they like details about what, when and importantly why?

If they don't get clear concise instructions around what is needed, then they can easily get bogged down in details and can miss the higher level overview.

One of their greatest concerns is being criticised without justification, therefore they will have documents, evidence in stacks, perhaps going back years, to ensure that they can validate an action or decision.

They are motivated by high quality information, acurite spelin, and concise information.

As a Blue working from home, it will not be a challenge as you can focus on what is important in peace. However it is important to talk to colleagues to ensure you are all on the right track and not going down rabbit holes.

When giving instrctions to a blue, be detailed! Emails should be factual informative and spell checked. Not to chatty, and errors in the content will be not received well.

Each of the 4 Communication styles are important and equally needed in a team. In part 4 we will look at our Fiery Reds.

A Mans Hand Holding a Pen over some papers as if he is about to sign them.  He is wearing a blue shirt and is well groomed.
Signing Off

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