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Stuck? Try Changing Your Awareness to See Solutions

Updated: May 21, 2020

"Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting to get a different result is the first sign of Madness" Albert Einstein....So why to we still try?

To answer to that question "So why do we still try? Einstein also said" You cannot solve a problem on the same level that it was created" and therefore because we don't change our thinking, we, by default, do the same or similar at the same level that we are currently on

A great NLP term around the "thought process", is Chunking. (Chunks are the number of peices of information we can hold in our conscious mind at any one time). Chunking Up and Chunking Down expands or contracts the volume of information we are thinking through.

These mean changing how we think about a problem, moving from one level to another. If we are still in the over-view, Chunk Down to the detail. If we are in the detail, Chunk Up to the Overview. This changes the way we think about something. Most have heard the expression, " Can't see the wood for the trees" This demonstrates this perfecty

How often have you been having a chat about a problem you have been thinking long and hard about only to suddenly work out a solution as your talking about it? This is because you have changed the level of thinking, the neurological pathways are different when talking about something, than they are when your just thinking about them.

The importance of having tools and people around you to work on and through your vision is critical. Often for Business Owners and Managers they don't get the opportunity to have some-one to be a sounding board, to help raise your awareness and to be unbiased. If you recognise the benefit of support available via organisations such as Dacorum Business Matters and the services of advisors, coaches, mentors, consultants, then you will be best placed to find the best path through the jungle that your trading through.

Remember your business is more often than not, your passion, an extension of you and like the trees and wood, your business can become the trees and it is easy to forget or get lost in the forest around you, to get back to the path and keep that passion that got you started in the first place!

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