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Which :- Solution or Benefit Driven Sales Technique?

Updated: May 21, 2020

What do you think your customers are buying, "Solutions or Benefits"?

I was in a training session with some fairly senior executives with various backgrounds and was fascinated to hear what they thought their customers were buying and not buying! Made me really wonder how some businesses survive!

"They Buy Benefits" declared one CEO!

One very senior executive, announced that his customers loved the benefits that they packaged into their products and they spent years developing them to ensure customer delight, whether they wanted them or not! I do not think that this exec had ever reflected from his view as CEO to that of the customer. Had he, then he may not have been in the training course!

The position of the customer is key to really starting to awaken and raise your own awareness. This is a cut down Neuro Linguistic Technique, which you can try for yourself and see how you get on. It is really powerful when done with a qualified NLP practitioner, however this will definately help get some insights!

Perceptual Position of the Customer:

Mentally draw 3 circles about 3 feet apart from each other in front of you. One on your front left and one on your front right and a centre one.

The Front Left FL is you with your Widget product.

The Front Right FR is your customer looking to buy a Widget product.

The Centre C is that of an observer listening to the sales person and the widget buyer.

  1. Step into the FL circle as your sales person, being them and in the first person and start to sell the product (Widget) to the customer out loud! If you do this in your head, you will not get the full benefit! Close in on the sale!

  2. Now step out of the FL circle back to where you were and remind yourself of what you had for breakfast.

  3. Step into the FR circle as the customer, being them, standing like them and talking in the first person, looking to buy a Widget. Talk out loud about what what you are looking for in the widget and why!

  4. Now step out of the FR circle back to where you were and remind yourself of what you had to Drink with your breakfast

  5. Now step into the Centre as a dispassionate observer, and review the the sales process. What you heard, observed and thought whilst listening to the process.

Now stand back into the original starting position and think about what have you learnt?

A few questions you may want to ask your self:

  • What matched between the sales person and the buyer

  • What didn't match?

  • What was way off?

  • Did the Sales Person sell Features or Benefits?

  • What did the Buyer want Features or Benefits?

Customers always buy Benefits. Features are expensive additions they are paying for, but never want to use. A great example of this is how many apps are on your phone that you never use? Likely to be dozens

If you want to explore more NLP, get in touch!

A Candle Store at the till point. The Sales Consultant is rining through the till the sale and a lady has her phone out ready to pay.  The Sales Consultant is wearing a  grey marl T Shirt and has a beard and is smiling. He has a Text Tatoo on his Right Forearm.  The Lady paying has a volumous curly hair style and is wearing a white long sleeved top.  She has her back to us the viewer, but there is a mirror on the counter,  which is reflecting her face, and she has a lovely smile, it looks like she is laughing too.
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