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The New Reality for 2020-21: What is your Plan?

Updated: May 21, 2020

For businesses large and small, the next year will be very different from the last. We don't have a crystal ball or the benefit of hindsight, so here are some thoughts to get your mind planning how your business will reshape to fit the new norm!

Use what we do know-ish: Educated guesses are better than blind leaps to inform the likely possible pathway to the actions we need to take: -

The Covid-19 virus will not suddenly disappear overnight, it will likely come back in waves. So whatever we plan must be sustainable for the medium term of a year for many reasons

  • Safe distancing will need to be maintained for the entire period and especialy when a second wave may hit.

  • Whatever is working now to generate revenue will likely work through-out

  • Whatever pinchpoints in these routes to market need to be ironed out sooner rather than later

  • Whatever is not adding revenue value now at this moment in time, will need to be reviewed to protect cash if need be.

  • Know your projected cash need for the next 12 months. Worst case scenarios are best to ensure no surprises.

  • Public Transport will likely be interupted in terms of capicity for at least 12 months. To get safe-distancing right, it is likely that every carriage or bus will have to reduce capacity by at least 1/3, if not more.

  • A year working from home: In for the long haul for many, like it or not. How to manage day to day operations?

  • And of course maintaining performance will be a major challenge for both the team and their line managers. What development would your team and line managers benefit from now to help arm them for such a change?

  • Furloughing has been dusted down and is now more likely than ever. What policies need to be in place to manage this. I have heard on a recent webinar that some companies appear to be allowing furloughed staff to do no personal development training whilst at home... there is no reason I am aware of, that would prevent home learning being a fundamental part of this for your furloughed team

Thinking in such broad new brush strokes is hard at the best of time, now it is even tougher.

Your team and senior team will be great support. Invest in yourself too by getting a mentor or coach to run past your ideas with who will be unbiased and trusted. This does not have to be some-one of the street, maybe some-one you may already know and trust, but not a stakeholder in your business or enterprise.

Three things are true for sure: This will end, it will make you stronger, you are not invincible, make sure your getting the support you need too!

A Lake District Style Scene with a Dry Stone walled road in the foreground and Rugged Fells in the back ground.  The Sky over the Fells looks stormy and is a dark watery grey.  There is a tree in full leaf in the foreground, and in the mid distand to the right, you can see a small hamlet of cottages
Rugged Hills

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