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Why a Coach / Mentor "Super-Charges" the Entrepeneurs Abilty to Deliver at Pace!

Updated: May 21, 2020

I write from personal experience of knowing the reality and pain that the true price of NOT having a coach and mentor as a business owner / manager cost a great deal

I became a coach precisely because I wished I had a coach when I started one of my business quite a few years ago. Some-one there for me, to talk to, to sound ideas off, to be held accountable too and importantly to be impartial and objective! I would have got to where I wanted to be far faster and with less tough days and perhaps not so many 24/7 weeks, months and years. When your in it, you don't see it..but seeing what I missed within my own family..I can never get back!

I don't run my coaching business full time, I do it part time with clients I want to work with, paid or If i want to I will do it unpaid, doesn't matter which, it doesn't change the service they get. The unpaid voluntary coaching I do is when I can see how much the client will benefit from coaching and mentoring and will grow rapidly as a business person.

Lets go back quite a few years. I started a new business, this was 1 of 3 I have started in my career to date. I had been in sales and operations throughout my career and recently had been working on turnarounds and also I was working with high net worths, who where seeking to procure niche businesses, perhaps you could say Trophy purchases, but I wouldn't. These business people where passionate about saving heritage brands which without very very deep pockets would likely disappear for good.

For those who are familiar with Insights and DISC I am a Red D. A pure D. This is relevant and key to my communication style and importantly my blind side! Every manager should know their communication style as it underpins their autoreponce in how they communicate, how they need to be communicated too and importantly what possible areas that need developing and working on. Mine is about trusting and not being taken for a ride!. This will be true for all those Fiery Reds out there.

Knowing your blind side is critical and what behaviours stem from it. Is being over used is getting in the way.

Stakeholders in your business have vested interests, be it employees, family, suppliers...all rely on the business for something. Sales, Wages, Security etc. Therefore having objective conversations around critical business decisions may not be with disinterested parties. Your Coach will be a disinterest party who is looking after you and your interests as a business owner, manager.

Your mentor coach will hold you to account. They will make sure you do what you say you will do! They have your best interests ALWAYS at heart and they are there for you and you only!

Often, as entrepeneurs, we are naturaly right in our assumptions and the outcome of taking an action can have a major impact on the business. Not being able to talk objectively about the issue and seeing the real impact rather than a perceived impact prevented a right decision not being taken which cost the business cash.

A Coach Mentor will challenge you, raise your awareness, change your perspective, be a confidant, and importantly will be Nick, Anne and Karren. They will be your extra eyes and ears in your business and will be what you need them to be.

A Boxing Ring with a Boxer on the Ropes with his Coach Giving him a Pep Talk.  The Boxer is looking at the coach and another team member has an arm behind is neck, it looks like giving support.
Coaching to Win

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