TMP : Acronym for Temporary! Make it So!

Updated: May 26

All businesses Owners / Exec/ Managers will have 1, 2 or all three of the most common issues my clients want support with. They want support as they recognise that not tackling it head on will cost far more than a couple of hours with me.

  1. TIME: Not enough time

  2. Money: Not enough Sales or Cash Flow problems

  3. People: Problems and Issues within the Team

Each of these can sap valuable energy from the core activity of the business and therefore very detrimental to the longer-term sustainability.

If you think about why in every sport, almost without exception, the high performing athlete will have a coach and mentor to stretch, focus and support them. It should be no different for Businesses and those enlightened entrepreneurs who recognise the speed in which results are gained when they to have a coach mentor.

Formal, informal or a walk, it is your time to talk through the challenges and towards solutions that work for you and your business.

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