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Working From Home Series, Learn about You!

Updated: May 21, 2020

A man workig on a PC on a Chaiselonge outside. The ground around him looks dry and it could be summer
Home Working alone

Do you look forward to the peace and quiet to crack on and get the job done?


Do you dread the long lonely day ahead of silence and solitude?

Which one do you fit into? If either hit the spot that is 100% OK! Did you know that this may be quite normal depending on your communication preferences! We all have our own preferences, but surprisingly we all also fit into a pattern of only 4 top level preferences, which we all have to varying degrees of strength, We may have a blend of 2, 3 or a bit of all 4.

Some of us are very social, so when faced with "Working from Home", away from your work mates, the commaradery and the fun, this can have a huge impact on you and can leave you feeling demotivated, flat and quite down, not able to get on with your job and really struggling! This can be really stressful as you may find that you are starting to worry about not performing, missing deadlines and in general feeling overwhelmed.

If this sounds like you, then rest assured, your not alone and many of your work colleagues will be feeling like this too, if they have the same communication preferences as you do! We cannot change the situation but we can change the way we working with it! With this new raised awareness, you can have a rewarding "Working from Home" experience and get a new balance to offset the negative aspect for your own style.

Click to see the 4 styles:

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